Technology & progress

Reich was founded in 1919 by the brothers Karl and Franz Reich in Zella-Mehlis / Thuringia in Germany. What started off as a small family business with the production of bicycle parts has since evolved into a leading manufacturer of turned parts such as transmission and steering system components, ball bearings and components for fuel injection systems.

With the foundation of Reich LLC on 30 September 2010 Reich has grown into an internationally operating enterprise. Reich LLC benefits from a long history in manufacturing excellence and entrepreneurship.


Nina Reich & André Reich

2013 / 2014

Generational change:

  • transfer of management to Nina Reich & André Reich on 1 January after joining the management team on 1 March 2013
  • official opening of ‘Production Building South’ in Mellrichstadt
  • > 1,000 staff members worldwide
  • € 130.6 m turnover worldwide
Headquarters & production in Mellrichstadt


  • official opening of ‘CNC Workshop II’ and the new training facility in Mellrichstadt
  • expansion of the production area to 34,000 sqm
  • 775 staff members
  • € 83.6 m turnover
Reich LLC - Asheville location

2010 / 2011

Foundation of Reich USA GmbH & Reich LLC:

  • announcement and foundation of Reich USA GmbH and Reich LLC in North Carolina by Karl-Hermann Reich in September 2010
  • start of operations in Asheville / North Carolina in September 2011
  • production start of steering components

Production Building East in Mellrichstadt


  • construction of ‘Production Building East’ and expansion of the hardening workshop
  • 608 staff members
Construction of new workshop in Mellrichstadt

2003 / 2004

  • termination of production of bicycle bells
  • construction of a new storage and production building
  • 581 staff members
  • € 52 m turnover
CNC workshop in Mellrichstadt

1999 to 2001

  • production start of gasoline direct injection parts
  • millennium construction of CNC building
  • 541 staff members
  • DM 72 m (~ € 36 m) turnover
Diesel direct injection components


  • production start of diesel direct injection parts
  • 526 staff members
  • production area of 17,000 sqm
Machining workshop & expansion in Mellrichstadt


  • construction of ‘Machining Workshop II’ in Mellrichstadt
  • production start of transmission components
  • expansion of the Mellrichstadt facilities
Karl-Hermann Reich


  • transfer of management to sole company manager Karl-Hermann Reich
  • 700 staff members
Ball bearings

1980 / 1981

  • production start of parts for gasoline systems
  • production start of wobble bearings
  • closing of the facility in Fladungen and relocation of production to Mellrichstadt
Management board


  • Karl-Hermann Reich joins the management team
  • 371 staff members
Reich GmbH in Mellrichstadt

1952 / 1953

  • expansion of tool manufacturing
  • construction of a new facility in Mellrichstadt
  • remodeling of the office and drawing room spaces
  • establishment of a canteen
Production facility Fladungen

1945 & Reconstruction

  • decision for approval and registration of articles of association according to German company law
  • Hans and Heinrich Reich, the two sons of Karl Reich, join the company as general managers
  • resumption of production with bicycle bells in Mellrichstadt
  • acquisition of a production facility in Fladungen
  • expansion of product range and production start of bottom bracket bearings, hub axles as well as pedals at the new production facility
  • election of the first works council
Temporary production facility


  • establishment of a temporary production facility due to WWII
  • partial relocation of the company to Mellrichstadt
The Reich company in Zella-Mehlis


  • 250 staff members
Inside the Workshop


  • refocus of the business strategy and division of manufacturing into 10 per cent bicycle parts and 90 per cent ball bearings
Reich’s Workshop (top left corner)


  • 10 staff members

Workshop construction in Zella-Mehlis


  • construction of a two-story workshop in the garden of their childhood home/parents’ house

The Reich brothers


  • establishment of a small workshop for the manufacturing of bicycle parts in Zella-Mehlis / Thuringia on 1 July