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Reich manufactures turned parts as well as precision turned parts such as transmission and steering system components, special ball bearings and components for direct fuel injection systems. Especially with regard to the common rail diesel injectors or the high-pressure gasoline direct injection system, the components for fuel direct injection systems as well as transmission components and steering system components constitute 90 per cent of our key business.

Primary products are produced from high-quality materials. A finished product by Reich, however, is always a combination of manufacturing and processing. The finished product is characterized by its vertical range of manufacture: according to the individual product requirements and intended function, a product must first complete several process stages on different levels.
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Transmission components

Precision turned parts for automatic transmissions: 5 HP / 6 HP / 8 HP und 9 HP.
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Diesel direct injection

Common rail injectors for diesel engines.
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Steering system components

Steering components for electromechanical automotive power steering such as steering and input pinions.
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Gasoline direct injection

Fuel-efficient components for gasoline direct injection systems HDEV 4 and 5.
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Special ball bearings

Ready-to-install wobble bearings for power drill systems, special ball bearings for furniture systems made of machining steel, roller bearing steel, plastics or steel-plastic compounds.