Precision to move

This code of ethics is mandatory to all Reich companies. Adhering to national and international standards and guidelines as well as the laws and regulations of the countries who with and where we work is a prerequisite requirement.

Responsible conduct is highly regarded at Reich. Our employees, customers, suppliers and partners are expected to adhere to the same moral imperatives.

1. Company philosophy

Reich stands for integrity, sustainability and quality.

The company motto of Reich is “Precision to move“.

2. History

Reich was founded in 1919. The vision of two brothers evolved from the production of bicycle bells into realizing modern mechanical technology. Simultaneously, the company developed from a small family business to an internationally operating enterprise. Reich draws its strength from actively promoting and following its code and principles.

For further information of the development of Reich, please click here.

3. Family

As a fourth-generation family-run business, we consider "family" not just an empty phrase, but feasible compatibility of family and work.

4. Cooperation

We place great emphasis on long-term relationships with our employees, customers, suppliers and others.

5. Equality

Reich adheres to the Equal Employment Opportunity laws as put forth by the EEOC. Respect and tolerance for every person is of utmost importance: discrimination in any form or manner is neither condoned nor supported or promoted in any way.

6. Protection of intellectual property rights

We – the Reich company as a whole – are dedicated to maintain and protect the intellectual property of others.

7. Safety

Reich actively promotes safety on the job.

8. Education

Creating a secure future needs prospects. Sound training and continuous professional education is an integral part of Reich’s philosophy: Education creates quality. Quality creates values and values create a future.

9. Social responsibility

As a successful medium-sized company, we would like to give back. This does not have to happen through global initiatives: social responsibility starts on a regional level.

10. Regionality & internationalization

Reich and Reich USA with its subsidiary Reich LLC operates internationally with production sites in Germany and the United States of America.

Being deeply rooted in its home region provides Reich with a sense of stability and security. In return this bond creates room for innovation and progress; thus, leading to success in a global setting.

The company’s regionality above all is reflected in our involvement in social issues and matters of educational policy in and around Mellrichstadt.

11. Environment

As a manufacturer of metal products the protection of the environment is of central concern to Reich. By employing cutting-edge production technology and responsible resource management, we aim at leaving a world worth living in to the next generation.

12. Future

Reich’s main goal is sustainability. Steadiness and tradition combined with innovation and progress lead our way to growth and success.